i'd like to open my eyes and be in Paris \ i'd like to do a nighttime picknick on a football field \ i'd like to take the plane as if it were the bus \ i'd like to see someone break my personal record of standing on one leg (4 hours, 43 minutes). \ i'd like to have a tattoo in spectrum 8pt saying "het wordt niet vanzelf mooier." \ i'd like to recognize fonts \ i'd like to introduce hot curry sauce to every fries-shop in belgium \ i'd like to have my hair black, blond and redish someday \ i'd like to learn the difference between cheap and expensive wine \ i'd like us to win the bloemencorso again next year \ i'd like to introduce a bed into every office. Great ideas arise as you fall asleep. \ i'd like to have a picture taken in a photobooth in every country i visited. My collection is limited to three, due to bad memory. \ i'd like to have a campfire by the seaside and have someone to play the guitar \ i'd like to shoot fireworks on an average day \ i'd like to have my own bookshop slash coffeecorner slash second hand store slash gallery \ i'd like to shop in delhaize instead of colruyt \ i'd like to hear myself talking in my sleep \ i'd like to know for sure what others are thinking \ i'd like to have a drink with Dwight Schulz, Dirk Benedict and mr. T \ i'd like to learn swordfighting \ i'd like to have an obvious talent \ i'd like to have more deja-vu's \ i'd like to be able to walk on high heels with my knees straight \ i'd like dogs to stay little, and chickens too \ i'd like to have a solid opinion \ i'd like to have my bike back. \ i'd like to do some unexpected acrobatic rock'n roll dancing on a boring family party \ i'd like to say 'let's go to the sea right now', and then actually find someone who wants to do so five minutes later. \ i'd like both shrinks and shrimps to be cheaper \ i'd like to posess every book i read, so i can lend it to others \ i'd like to ride a citroen dyanneke \ i'd like to think heroes exist \ i'd like to have a pillowfight and win gloriously \ i'd like to own a little van and a large mattress \ i'd like to just put 63 euro in someone's hat \ i'd like to have some more thunder and lightning now and then \ i'd like to have cherries on my ears all summer long \ i'd like to be a skilled tapdancer \ contact me